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2014:    Visitation hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm to 4 pm
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Storm is a male, husky, who is around 5 years old. He loves to be active, and will chase any ball you throw for him. He's not too experienced in the 'tricks' department, but with enough dedication, he'll be doing backflips in no time! He enjoys a good petting session and your company. He's great for walks, as long as it's a long leash, and you have lots of treats to reward him with. He's actually very close to being able to walk off leash, just a little more training!! Storm is a very friendly, loving dog, who would be a great addition to any home.
Hogan is an approximately 1 year old, male, husky cross. He is an active little doggie who loves to play! Hogan would be thrilled with an owner who likes to go on lots of walks, runs, or bike rides! He runs really well alongside a bike on leash, and it's a great way to tire him out. Hogan gets along well with other dogs, but doesn't know how to play gently with them. Inside he is happy to lie on a dog bed with a toy or bone. Hogan can't wait to start meeting new people, and spending some time outside the shelter!
Spot is a 6 month old, male, Karelian Bear Dog/Lab mix. He is such a friendly, happy-go-lucky puppy! Spot loves to play and gets along great with other dogs. He walks well off-leash, but still needs a bit of on-leash training. Spot is a smart dog, who knows how to sit, and comes to your whistle. He is an adorable pup who would make a great friend!
Nicki is a 6 month old, female, Shih-Tzu/Bear Dog mix. She is a small dog with a big personality! Nicki loves to cuddle and sit on your lap. She has a dominant personality, but gets along well with other dogs and walks great off-leash. Nicki would make an excellent woods companion; she instinctively protects the ones that she loves!!