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How much does it cost to Adopt?

Encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets has always been the forefront of a humane society's goals. When one is working in a shelter environment it becomes very clear that the number of unwanted animals is the result of too many unwanted litters. It should also not only fall on the owners of unfixed females to prevent unwanted litters; owners of intact males must take equal responsibility, especially to take care to keep their pets controlled when females in heat are present.

Adoption Prices

Cats: $120.00 
 Kittens: $140.00
Dogs: $190.00
 Puppies: $210.00

Animals older than 9 years of age:
  Cats $65
  Dogs $100.

Our adoption prices include the following
Value $
50.00Veterinary Check Up
15.00Vaccinations: DA2PPv or FVRCP
25-35.00A full course of deworming
300.00Average Dog - Spay/neuter
215.00Average Cat - Spay/neuter  
20.00Bordetella vaccination for dogs

The cost is approximately $285. By adopting from Humane Society Dawson, it is a savings  of $200.00.
Adopting from Humane Society Dawson will give a homeless animal a place of her/his own and can save you money.

Surrendering an Animal

If you are thinking of surrendering your pet to HSD we do require a surrender fee.

Surrender Fees
50.00 Spayed/Neutered
50.00 plus $100. Intact
50.00 Spayed/Neutered
50.00 plus $50. Intact

Why A Surrender Fee?

Humane Society Dawson asks for a surrender fee of $50.00 to help pay for the daily operations of the shelter. The surrender fee helps pay for vaccinations, deworming and the spay/neuter, as well as the daily operations of keeping a shelter going: electricity, water delivery, heat, etc.

Additional fees may be asked if the animal is not already spayed/neutered so that HSD can have the animal fixed to prevent unwanted litters and to provide a healthier, longer life.Even if the animal you are wishing to surrender to the shelter is a stray, we ask for a surrender fee since our services are a benefit to everyone, not only to those seeking to surrender their own pets. We provide a place for people to bring stray animals they cannot keep and we provide the shelter and care until their family is found or new homes can be found. Our purpose is to provide a shelter environment for all unwanted and lost animals.

Humane Society Dawson is not to be viewed as a free service, somewhere for people who can no longer care for their pets. Due to limited space and funding, Humane Society Dawson often cannot accommodate animals from outside the Dawson community. Our shelter is mainly for the Dawson community.