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2014    Visitation hours:  Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm to 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Cost to Adopt                                        COME IN AND VISIT AND FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

Precious Patty is a female, SHD cat, who is under 1 year old. She is extremely playful and affectionate, and not afraid of much! She likes to roam around the cat room, climb on the cat tree, and sit and gaze out the window. Patty loves being pet and cuddled. She gets along well with the other cats, and is fine with having dogs around as well. Patty came to the shelter pregnant, and is getting ready to have her litter here at the shelter. If her kittens are anything like their mom, they are sure to be beautiful, brave, and wonderful pets. Keep posted for more photos soon!


Pixie is a 4 year old domestic short hair. She is still new to the shelter and taking her time to adjust to all the new sounds and smells. She is coming out of her shell slowly, and proving to be a sweetheart. She just needs to trust us a little bit more and we know she'll be a great friend.


Isabelleis a 12 year old domestic long
haired tabby. Don't be fooled by her sad eyes, she's an outstanding cat! as soon as she arrived at the shelter she was comfortable with everything right away. She'll be the first one to bolt over to you and curl up on your lap for a snuggle. Isabelle has won over the hearts of everyone here at the shelter. She has a wonderfully laid back outlook on life. She likes nothing more than to have the companionship of a human that will her rub her neck. As a reward for such little effort you will have a companion for life.


Isis (pronounced Ice-is) is a three year old, female, short haired domestic cat. She is a beautiful cat with stunning green eyes. Isis is very loving and affectionate and gets along really well with the other cats at the shelter. She has found all her favorite spots in our cat room, but will come out and greet you when you walk in the room. Isis has moved around a lot for the last three years, and is looking forward to being in a stable home. She will make a great companion!